With unlimited picturesque locations in Big Bear Lake for quiet contemplation, Big Bear provides the prefect backdrop for practicing yoga in the out-of-doors. Yoga outside is a great way to connect with nature, listen to the birds sing and feel the warmth of the sun. Enjoy a morning stretch on the shoreline of Big Bear Lake just as the sun rises is something not to be missed. Celebrate another beautiful day in Big Bear, take a short hike to one of Big Bear’s overlooks, culminate with yoga and drink in the sun that shines over 320 days a year.

Big Bear Lake offers a variety of options for practicing and learning about yoga for all levels – beginners to advanced alike. Big Bear Lake is home to yoga teachers that are knowledgeable in a variety of styles of yoga, from Kundalini Yoga to Ashtanga Yoga, from yoga for pregnancy to yoga for athletes. There are even teachers to guide you on an active trail run with a yoga class outside afterwards! In the summer, Big Bear Lake also provides the perfect location to try out yoga while balancing on a Stand-Up Paddleboard, called SUP Yoga. In the winter, switch to snowshoeing to an overlook for yoga and a hot cup of java.

Best Yoga Experiences

Big Bear Yoga

Find your centeredness in Big Bear’s wilderness.

Big Bear Yoga
Offering activities indoors and outside, join one of our regular weekly classes or private classes. All levels of experience and styles of yoga are welcome. Teacher training is also offered.

Big Bear Yoga Festival
We created Big Bear Yoga Festival to bring you incredible yoga teachers, dance, vibrant music, inspirational topics, yummy food and fun activities like canoeing and swimming – all with the beautiful backdrop of the San Bernardino Mountains. Come join us – it will be a weekend to remember!

We want to extend a special invitation to anyone new to yoga, and to encourage and welcome you to join us. We have a special “Beginners Track” just for you. It offers an introduction to yoga, meditation, music and more. Know that you will be welcome, and we understand how it is to try new things – all of your teachers and fellow students are here to support and encourage you!

Big Bear Yoga Retreat

Pamper yourself with an escape over Mother’s Day weekend – to nurture and nourish yourself. We are offering the Big Bear Yoga Retreat, in the beautiful San Bernardino Mountains at Camp Cedar Falls for relaxation, pampering, and making positive change!  The retreat will feature 10 amazing teachers and includes group classes and one-on-one treatments.

Camp Cedar Falls is situated 6,000 feet up, on the way to Big Bear. Perched on a mountainside, among beautiful and majestic cedar, pine, oak, and spruce trees. The location sets the mood for a small, intimate, close gathering for personal growth, pampering, enjoyment and relaxation! Camp Cedar Falls is SO CLOSE to the Inland Empire – it is only 35 minutes from Mentone, 45 minutes from Redlands and 45 minutes from Big Bear. The location includes a Lodge with accommodations and plenty of space to spread your wings!

Hike N Yoga
Enjoy a hike anywhere in Big Bear, then pause in a grove of tall Jasper trees to practice Vrksasana, “Tree Pose.” Find a striking boulder to use for modified Adho Mukha Svanasana, “Downward Facing Dog Pose.” Finally, relax and settle in, laying down and basking in the sun in an open field of grass for Savasana, “Final Resting Pose.” There’s not much better than going on a hike and mixing yoga in for a truly great day!

SUP Yoga
Grout Bay is the perfect location for SUP Yoga. The Bay is protected from the wind with a variety of depths of water and access from the shoreline, making it great for a SUP Yoga lesson. Another great option for SUP Yoga is at Big Bear PaddleFest, where special workshops on SUP Yoga are a popular offering.

Yoga at the Lake
Big Bear Lake offers a dramatic backdrop for any yoga practice. The Lake is often still and beautiful, the sun and moonlight dance off the water. Find a spot along the shoreline for yoga, the Alpine Peddle Path offers quite a few access points. Also along the Alpine Peddle Path and at the East and West Boat Ramps are picnic tables and benches, perfect for seated stretching and yoga. Some favorite spots are at Jasper Point off of North Shore, the East Boat Ramp, and Meadow Park at 41220 Park Ave. There are some fantastic locations for yoga at Big Bear Lake!

Run N Yoga/ Trail Run N Yoga
Take your active day up a notch with a fun run with a side of yummy yoga. Try the Alpine Peddle Path for a paved route, with many groves of trees and spots along the way for a yoga stretch, including on the shore of Big Bear Lake. For a trail run, try Cougar Crest, with yoga at the top.

Resources for Yoga in Big Bear

Mountain Yoga Center

Big Bear’s premier yoga studio! Mountain Yoga Center is located at the base of Snow Summit in Summit Plaza and offers Yoga classes for all levels of practice. Drop in today!

Big Bear Yoga
Big Bear’s Home for Yoga, offering inside and outside group and private classes for all levels. Teacher training is also available.

Big Bear Yoga Festival
Yoga, music, wellness, meditation, and relaxation in the great outdoors! Festivals and retreats every year for all levels of experience.

Colin Schour Yoga
Offering private and group yoga instruction, along with a yoga blog.


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