At Open Air Big Bear, we're committed to doing what's right when it comes to the environment; not because it's trendy, politically correct or because everyone else is doing it. We're committed because we know it's our responsibility. We've established an environmental plan for every one of our events and we are 100% committed to analyzing every detail of our events in order to preserve the environment and the Earth's natural resources.

Our goal is to reduce the use of paper and other non-sustainable resources and each of our events is produced with the least amount of impact. We actively support the use of renewable energy credits to offset any unavoidable impact we may create.

We support and endorse a pack-in/pack-out philosophy. We not only encourage, but demand that participants collect and take home all of their recyclable and non-recyclable waste products to avoid an impact on the event venues and community of Big Bear.

We discourage the use of package intensive products and encourage the use of reusable, replenishable items such as water bottles, energy gel containers and coffee cups.

Did you know that 2,000 pounds of recycled paper conserves:

  • 17 Trees
  • 380 Gallons of Oil
  • 3 Cubic Yards of Landfill Space
  • 4,000 Kilowatts of Energy
  • 7,000 Gallons of Water

1. Never leave the house without a reusable cup.
2. Unplug unused cell phone chargers and other appliances
3. Go SOLAR…..Hang out your clothes to dry
4. Take a shorter shower
5. Use a rag or hand towel instead of a napkin or paper towel
6. Turn off lights
7. Replace burned out lights with CFC lightbulbs
8. Talk to your kids about the environment. Listen to your kids about the environment.
9. Use both sides of a piece of paper
10. Convince a friend or neighbor to start recycling
Reduce, reuse, recycle. EVERYONE can make a difference.