Big Bear has long been a breeding ground for quality athletes, but today we have the added luxury of high quality training centers which offer professional-level coaching and equipment. Many runners, cyclists, fighters, snowboarders and top athletes from other sports all make Big Bear their chosen place to live and train. Why? Maybe it’s the small-town feel, the variety of training resources available, or perhaps the easy access to national forests – but most likely it’s a combination of all these things. Best of all, the fitness community is welcoming and encouraging so you, too, can enjoy exercising in Big Bear, whether you’re just visiting or considering living here.

Five Tips on Training in Big Bear Lake

1. Plan for temperature swings.
With less air density and no layer of smog, nighttime and daytime temperatures can vary wildly. As the sun goes down it gets cold faster up here, even during the summer, so prepare to layer up if you’ll be out for a long time or there is a risk you could get stranded outdoors overnight.

2. Be wary of intense sun.
The sun can burn you faster in Big Bear, and if you’re here during winter, sunlight reflecting off snow can speed up sunburns. Cover up your skin with sunblock or a piece of clothing if you’ll be out long.

3. Sleep more.
A little extra sleep can temper fatigue from the change in altitude. If you’ll be staying more than a week, you might plan to sleep a little extra for just the first few days.

4. Going far? Slow down.
Your heart rate will be higher throughout all levels of exertion at higher elevations. So, to hit your normal target heart rate, you’ll have to slow down a bit. This is a normal reaction to the reduced ability to provide oxygen to working cells – it takes three to six weeks to see near-complete adaptation.

5. Drink more water.
The altitude affects you in many ways – less oxygen, fatigue, sunburns and more. But did you know that you’ll get more dehydrated throughout the day just from your normal BREATHING? Every breath in the dry, thin air here might remove just a drop more water, but it adds up throughout the day and can really leave you dry. Bring a nice bottle on your trip and keep it filled and refilled. Staying extra-hydrated can keep you a happy athlete while you’re in town!


Resources for Training in Big Bear

Ted’s Gym
Community Gym in Big Bear Lake, Variety of Classes Offered.

Sky High Training, Inc
Boxing and mixed martial arts training and high altitude training center for athletes